Advertising Photography: Small & Co. Kirra Shoot

Advertising Photography: Small & Co. Kirra Shoot

I was recently hired by Small & Co. an marketing agency to capture what makes Kirra on the Gold Coast so magnificent to live in. The photos were to be used for an upcoming advertising campaign for a new development building soon to start in Kirra.

The brief was simple, photograph the area with the style I'm known for, natural light around sunrise and sunset. A shot list was sent through and a deadline set.

Unfortunately the Gold Coast was predicted to have bad weather for the next couple of days so the next day I was out there bright and early to capture the first sunrise before the bad weather set in. I scouted around and got some great shots on day one however before I knew it the bad weather rolled in.

For the next four days I went down at sunset to see if the sun would poke out and light up the sky but luck was not on my side, each time all I got was dark angry clouds. Day five however came around and the weather looked promising. I was excited to get down there that afternoon, and fingers crossed, get a magnificent sunset.

After working out my game plan for the few locations left on the shot list, I made my way down to Kirra and waited for the optimal time. Finally the sunset I was after showed up so I quickly moved around and got all the final shots.

With proofing complete and a selection of images edited, below is what was the final set of images looked like.